Monday, February 21, 2011

Curtains from the ceiling?

I'm searching for window treatments. My apartment only has two windows which means I'll have a little more $$$ to stretch on this project. Through my research I'm getting the impression that I can make the apartment appear larger by simply hanging the curtains above and wider than the windows. Cool right?? My biggest issue is deciding on color and what type of curtains to hang. Should I just hang sheers? I'm actually considering removing the blinds from the windows so that I can let in more light.

I really like the idea of hanging curtains around a patio door to give it a window illusion in the following picture.

Hanging curtains
from the CEILING

Another consideration is to actually hang curtains from the ceiling. This can give a room a more vibrant and unique feel. You could hang curtains from the ceiling above a bed or above the sofa in your living room.

Believe it or not these are very simple and easy DIY projects. I'll have details and step by step instruction soon!! Stay Tuned!!


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